How music listening and the music industry changes with new technologies?

By Karim Aziz

Back when streaming platforms such as Spotify or YouTube did not exist, music was only accessible during live performances. However, various innovations, from the phonograph in 1877 to our smartphones, made music listening reachable at any time and anywhere. Consequently, music consumption increased over the years, US citizens above thirteen spend on average 35.7 hours listening to music per week. Various mediums are used to consume music, from digital with MP3 to physical with Comapct Discs and Vinyls, here is a chart dividing user group per age and the way they listen to music.  Continue reading

Technology And Its Impact in Long-distance Relationships


By Raissa Baggio Freire

Long-distance relationship is when people chose to continue in a relationship even being far away from the partner, being so because of work, studies, or whatever reason. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find people in a long-distance relationship; an estimated 75% of college students have engaged in a long-distance relationship during a period of their life, and 3 million adults in America live far from each other.

Continue reading

Smarthomes, A New Way Of Living?

By Daphne Huang, Raissa Baggio and Robin Kaelin

“Alexa, turn on the heater “. Whether it concerns the control of lighting, temperature, security or other miscellaneous functions, “smarthome” devices have been gaining attention in the last past years. Already in 2014, Amazon introduced an intelligent home assistant, Alexa whilst Alphabet (Google) went on to acquire Nest, a smart thermostat maker for more than 3.2 billion dollars. Whilst the leading technology companies demonstrate a strong push in this innovative area, the question remains to the actual demand of young consumers, notably in the Western society. Coming from all around the world, Norway, Germany, Peru and Switzerland, five students aged from 19 to 23 years old were willing to express their enthusiasm and concern regarding smart home devices through an interview. Continue reading