How music listening and the music industry changes with new technologies?

By Karim Aziz

Back when streaming platforms such as Spotify or YouTube did not exist, music was only accessible during live performances. However, various innovations, from the phonograph in 1877 to our smartphones, made music listening reachable at any time and anywhere. Consequently, music consumption increased over the years, US citizens above thirteen spend on average 35.7 hours listening to music per week. Various mediums are used to consume music, from digital with MP3 to physical with Comapct Discs and Vinyls, here is a chart dividing user group per age and the way they listen to music.  Continue reading

The relationship between HSG students and MacBooks

By: Mathias, Nikolina, Nena, Branka

We wanted to know why usage of MacBooks is so common among students at University of St. Gallen. Electronic devices are getting more and more important not only because of their features and technical performances, but also for their ability to express your personality and to fit into society or a specific group in the society.

To investigate this phenomena we asked following questions:
1. Which computer is the most used in the University?
2. What do you think why is that so and what are the drivers?
3. Would you consider to switch your computer on another device? Why yes, why not?
4. Demographical questions concerning gender, name, age and study program.

In our preliminary research nine students participated answering on these four questions. Our findings have shown very similar key drivers for buying a MacBooks. It turned out that the main reasons for HSG students to purchase a MacBook are prestige, technical performances and design. In terms of technical performances students prefer MacBooks because it fits with their iPhones and most of them said it is convenient and software is user-friendly. Another important aspect that students mentioned is of social nature. Some of them mentioned network effect and peer pressure.

Why did you decide to purchase your own computer?