5G networks – is this the future yet?

The transition from 4G to 5G and its implications for the digital society have kept the relevant stakeholders busy for quite some time. The ever-increasing use of mobile phones has required vast investment measures by telecommunication firms in the past year. But as we are standing on the brink of that many call the Internet of Things (IoT), requirements for a broadcasting standard have increased dramatically. The new standard that is currently under development will need to offer higher capacity in data-transmitting, lower latency and should bear the possibility to create sub-networks for the direct communication between machines. Each of these goals is in conflict with the two other goals. Developers assume a density of up to one million devices that need to be connected to the network. Huawei, one of the industry leaders in the development of telecommunication hardware, suggests thinking about 5G not only by means of a telecommunication network, but also as the infrastructure supporting socio-economic development and driving industrial digital transformation. Continue reading