The relationship between social media and emotional health


By: Nikolina Adrovic

The aim of the research is to explore how social media is connected with human emotions: what is the impact of social media on happiness, loneliness, self-esteem and other measurable emotions? The research investigates the correlation between time spent using social media and mental health. In addition, the study raises a question if social media can cause addiction and how that affects our emotions?

As Statista stated, the scientific research conducted on teenagers aged between 16-18 have shown that when they use social media they mostly feel happiness (56%), friendliness (48%) and boredom (33%). However, other examinations reveal other results. They proved that correlation between the amount of time spent on social media and happiness is inversely correlated! This conflict creates open debate: is social media making us happy or is it causing depression and addictiveness? Primary research in this study will be conducted using the survey as a quantitative research methodology and series of interviews as a qualitative method to find out exactly what emotions people experience when using social media and if there are differences in emotions people feel when different social media platforms are used. 


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