How artificial intelligence will revolutionize content creation for digital marketing

By Niels Niemann


Artificial intelligence is regarded as one of the key technologies of the coming years. Various companies have begun to use artificial intelligence in order to automate their content creation for their digital marketing. 42% of worldwide marketers are already using self-learning algorithms in their company or plan to do so within the next twelve months, according to the study Digital Trends 2018, which was initiated by Adobe and conducted by Econsultancy. But how will artificial intelligence change digital marketing and what will be the consequences?

The competition for the best use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing has increased substantially in the last months. So what are the advantages of automated content creation? Marketers expect to realize a variety of benefits as a result of automating content creation, according to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting. The study has shown that 78% of marketers expect automated content creation to simplify the maintenance and actualization of content and 29% even anticipate higher customer loyalty and engagement.

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Interestingly enough, the above-mentioned study from Econsultancy showed that only two percent of marketers use artificial intelligence to create a better customer experience. And this despite the fact that the optimization of the customer experience is still enjoying top priority among global marketers in 2018. At this point, it is reasonable to ask the question, if an excellent customer experience is really ensured when content is created by artificial intelligence. Surprisingly, according to research launched by the predictive marketing company Rocket Fuel, customers, especially young people, are receptive to the use of artificial intelligence in advertising. Four-fifths of respondents stated that they see value in brands engaging them with personalized advertising.

These findings indicate that the use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing might possibly lead to a win-win-situation. However, in my opinion, most customers are not aware of the consequences which marketing automation might have on their daily life. This awareness could be researched more closely by conducting personal interviews or discussions with focus groups.