Does Social Media has an influence on how you spend your leisure time?

laptop-3233653_1920by Mathias Varga

The use of Social Media in Switzerland has become very popular. According to a statista surve from January 2018, 4.4 out of 8.51 million Swiss citizens are using Social Media. Nearly 80 percent of them have a facebook account. Some 995 responded to this non-scientific canvassing, stated that the main reasons to use Social Media are keeping in touch with friends, communicating and liking content.
But are there any further reasons that might be a driver to use Social Media?

Some non representative pre-research has revealed, that especially teenagers and young adults use facebook to invite people for private events like for example a birthday party. So far, the impact of Social Media on your leisure time planning has only been examined fragmentedly.
Studies from Turkey, Singapore and Russia have found out, that Social Media can have an impact on the holiday planning process, encourages the frequency of travel and incents outdoor leisure activities. Based on that research so far, there might be a research gap in how Social Media affects other free time activities and how local circumstances could affect the results.
The aim of my research is to widen the current knowledge about how Social Media can influence the way we spend our free time.

In my opinion, Social Media can have a significant impact on how you are planning your leisure time. There might be an event you missed due to your abstinence from Social Media. You could be forgotten at the invitation of your friend’s next birthday party because you don’t use Facebook or maybe you are even planning your next event on Social Media.

A debate that could come up is that the results of my research might suggest that non-users of Social Media spend their free-time differently than Social Media users or that they might even be less integrated in social activities.
We will find out!