Are social media users ready to switch on another social media platform?

By Branka Bogdan

In past 10 years, usage of social media platforms became never more important. Why is that so? Sharing details about our personal life, communicating with friends, advertising, newsletters, being informed about news, need to be involved in general in events on social media etc. Every social media is unique for itself offering possibilities that other platforms do not. Addiction to a certain platform is very common. The objective of this research is to investigate if current users of social media platforms are willing to change to another social media platform.

As Pew Research Centre stated, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat have increase of shares. Twitter has 15% compared to year earlier, YouTube 11% and Snapchat 12%.

To succeed and have sustainable growth, social media platforms must focus on retaining old users and winning new ones. Competition on the market is very intense so gathering new customers plays a crucial role in the popularity of platform and, in the end, its profitability.

By far, Snapchat has the youngest users, probably because application was created after Facebook and Twitter. 82% of ages are 18-29. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as more “traditional” are more used among people older than 29.

This topic is not subject to research very often, but it is very important to understand the reasons why people would leave some particular social platform for another one. The battle between biggest media companies can be very hard to get. Another aim of this research is not just are users ready to change, but what are the drivers that result switching the platform.

I find this very interesting topic because using this type of media expand so much in last decade and understanding are consumers affected by changes on the certain platform and scandals related to a particular company.