Is Netflix the New Television?

By Desiree Tran & Karim Aziz

With the immense popularity of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Google Play and the immediacy and convenience of choosing out of thousands of movies and whole seasons of your favourite show, one might wonder how the future of television is affected by this development.

Do people still watch television programs or is the heyday of television, of families gathering around their TV to watch their favourite programs, a sight of the past to be replaced by binge-watching and hour-long searches through the streaming service’s libraries?

In order to have a preliminary insight into this topic and to subsequently improve our research questions, we asked six people at the University of St. Gallen whether they have a streaming service subscription, about their TV-watching habits and what sort of programs they watch. Lastly, considering the recent No Billag initiative and the overwhelmingly negative response to it, we asked whether they think that the No Billag initiative has the potential of being accepted in the future and why.

A summary of the results:

Having talked to five people in their 20s and one person in her 80s, it is not surprising that the watching-habits of the younger people were similar, whereas 81-year-old Martha does not have the time to watch any TV. However, the majority of interviewees mainly watch Netflix during a typical week with amounts ranging from 5h-10h and rarely watch TV with just 0h-1h per week. When they do watch TV, it is either sports or the news. On Netflix they watch movies and series.

The answers regarding the 4. question were the most varied.

Sandro, 22, categorically declined the idea of a No Billag initiative ever being accepted in the future because people would be willing to pay for access to a broad variety of channels.

Martin, 29, presents a more moderate opinion stating that as “so many things changing at the moment with streaming possibilities, young people are moving away from traditional media.”

Ophélie, 21, has the most pessimistic vision regarding television’s future saying that “the more we advance in the digital age, the less people are watching TV and are concerned by it”.

Finally, we would like to know your opinion! Do you think that the No Billag initiative has the potential of being accepted in the future and why? Comment your thoughts and ideas!


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  1. Companies like Netflix and Amazone are getting more and more populare and therefore making a ton of money, and this leads to the result of producing even better contend for their customers. In my opinion the only thing that is standing in these companies way to take over the whole TV industry is sport and news, as soon as they start streaming live sport events and providing news shows, there will be no reason why you should be using cable Tv or similar services anymore.

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